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How to Clean Hydro Flask

If you like to carry your drink along, you must know how useful a hydro flask is. It’s an insulated flask that keeps your drink, and even food hot or cold for many hours. The insulated flask is travel-friendly and easy to carry.
The best part of having these flasks is their portability. They maintain the temperature of your food. With a secure lid, everything is safe, and you can carry it along conveniently.
These flasks are designed to offer maximum convenience by being easy to carry and lightweight. But a common problem we all face is to keep the hydro flask clean. Most of the time, the hydro flask has a very narrow opening, so they don’t allow you to reach for the bottom easily.
In this article, we will look at how to clean the hydro flask properly. We will see how you can maintain the hydro flask in good shape by keeping it cleaned.

Why it is important to clean the hydro flask

If you have the hydro flask, you should keep it clean for your health and safety. If not kept properly, the hydro flask can be a hiding place for bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms. So not only you need to clean it daily, but at least once in a month, you need to clean it properly from inside so there remains no chance of mildew or bacteria.
Also, even if you have water in the flask, it may build upscale or mineral deposits on the bottom or sides. It reduces the life of your hydro flask but also affects its performance.
So here is how to keep your hydro flask clean.

Daily Cleaning routine of Hydro Flask

Daily cleaning routine of the hydro flask is important to keep it stain free. Besides the deep cleaning, that you would do once in a month, there is still a need to clean hydro flask daily.
For daily cleaning, we will recommend you to invest in a long brush with soft bristles. A baby bottle cleaning brush can be beneficial for reaching to the bottom of your fast and cleaning it from all sides properly. So do wash the bottle with a mild dishwashing soap daily with the help of a brush. 

For daily cleaning

Open the flask, then wash the bottle with the mild dishwashing soap. Use a brush with a long handle for reaching to the bottom and sides. Rinse it with water properly and leave it to dry. You can leave the bottle upside down for the entire night, so it dries from inside properly. Following this daily cleaning process at night before you go to bed will keep the bottle stain free. Daily cleaning will prevent any scale build up inside the bottle as well.

How to Clean the Hydro flask properly

Even when you are following a daily cleaning routine with your hydro flask, it is essential to disassemble it properly once in a month and deep clean it. If you don’t clean the hydro flask deeply once in a month, there is a chance of mildew growing inside the rubber seal.
Not only it is very unhygienic, but it can leave a  bad smell in your drinks as well.  So let’s see how we can deeply clean the hydro flask once in a month.
For that, you can use either dishwashing soap, vinegar, or baking soda depending on the condition of your hydro flask. Like it got too many stains, scale, or other mineral deposits inside then vinegar or baking soda solution is recommended for deep cleaning.
First, let’s see how to clean the hydro flask properly by using dishwashing soap.

Cleaning hydro flask with dishwashing soap

You can clean the hydro flask with dishwashing soap if your hydro flask does not have any tough stains. If you keep your flask clean, then you may not need to clean it with vinegar or baking soda. Cleaning the flask properly in routine will relieve you from taking extra trouble of removing the stains or scale once in a while.
For cleaning the hydro flask with dishwashing soap follow these simple steps.
Dissemble the hydro flask, remove its lid, and if it has a straw, remove that as well.

  • Put the hydro underwater for thoroughly cleaning from both inside and outside.
  • Use a sponge for washing the flask from outside.  You have to be careful where the lid has been or between the narrow ridges of its opening.
  • For inside cleaning, use a bottle brush. Make use of a baby bottle type of long brush for cleaning the bottle from inside.
  • Use a few drops of dishwashing soap and make sure you brush all sides and the bottom carefully.
  • Follow the same cleaning method with lid as well. Don’t leave the lid in water for too long or water can seep in the lid.
  • Take special care with the spout, if your bottle has one. It’s a narrow opening that we usually miss when washing in a hurry.
  • After washing all parts, rinse these parts under tap water thoroughly.
  • Leave the bottle to dry. Make sure you don’t leave the lid is a position where the water may get inside its casing. So you have to be careful while leaving the lid and bottle to dry overnight.

Easy cleaning with vinegar or baking soda solution

Vinegar is a useful ingredient that we all have in our kitchen. It can be used to clean some tough stains due to its ascetic qualities.
So if your hydro flask has some tough stain inside or a scaling issue, then you should clean it with a vinegar solution. Follow the step by step procedure.

  • Pour vinegar in your hydro flask. Around half a cup will be enough, but it depends on the size of the flask as well. If you have a bigger hydro flask for food, you may need vinegar in more quantity.
  • You can fill the rest of the bottle with water as well.
  • Simply leave the vinegar and water solution in bottle for few minutes so that the stains or scale buildup loosen up a bit.
  • Make use of the long-handled brush for thoroughly cleaning from inside the bottle. Brush the bottle from all sides, bottom, and even the opening.
  • Use the same brush for cleaning the lid, spout carefully.
  • If your hydro flask features a straw, make sure you rinse it with water and change it whenever you feel like it is getting stains from inside as cleaning the straw from inside is almost impossible. So the best solution is to keep changing the straw from time to time.
  • Once you are sure, it enough just rinses the bottle with tap water.
  • You have to be careful while rinsing, so there are no traces of vinegar left in the bottle.
  • Once the bottle is cleaned just leave it upside down so water gets out and the bottle gets dry.
  • Don’t use the water unless it is adequately dried, including its lid and straw.

How To clean the hydro flask with  Baking Soda

  • After vinegar, baking soda is another ingredient in your pantry that may help you to clean the hydro flask properly.
  • So if you don’t have vinegar around, you can use baking soda.
  • For cleaning the hydro flask with baking soda, you need to prepare a solution of baking soda and warm water.
  • Make a thick paste of baking soda with water.
  • Dissemble your hydro flask.
  • Dip the solution inside the flask and use a brush to clean it properly.
  • You can leave the solution for a few minutes if stains are tough.
  • Use the same brush for cleaning the lid and spout.
  • Rinse the bottle and lid with running water properly and leave it for drying.
  • Make sure the baking soda drains out properly, and your bottle smells fresh, not like soda or anything else.

How to get rid of foul smell in a hydro flask

The hydro flask may develop smell due to prolonged use, especially when you don’t clean it properly more often.
For getting rid of the smell, you can use the same method of cleaning with vinegar and baking soda. Both agents are powerful enough to help you get rid of smells inside the bottle. Following a strict cleaning routine daily and a deep cleaning routine one in a month would not allow any smell, mold, mildew, or bacteria to develop inside your hydro flask.

Final Words

A hydro flask seems such an essential part of our outdoor activities. It’s a must-have item that suits on the go lifestyle. But when you are using the hydro flask daily for all day, you have to be extra careful of its cleaning.
Poor hygiene may lead to developing mildew or even bacteria inside your hydro flask. So make a habit of daily cleaning and once in a month, deep cleaning can keep your hydro flask clean. It will also enhance the lifespan of your hydro flask.


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