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How to Clean Your Windows AC

You can enhance the life expectancy of your window Air conditioner by cleaning it occasionally. Cleaning the unit and removing all the dust trapped in its filters, fins, or coil can make your Window AC performs well for long. The dirt in your Window AC Coils and filter can slow it down, and  you may not feel comfortable with the consistent performance of your Window AC

In this article, we will see how to clean Window AC by yourself. It’s very easy and if you know how it works and about its different parts you can clean it yourself without spending some money on the professional technicians.

When to Clean Your Window AC

Window AC may seem old, but if you already have a unit and it works fine, then you don’t have to spend money on a new AC. You can keep your Window AC in good condition by following a strict cleaning routine that not only enhances its life span but also enables it to perform well.

You might be thinking when the good time to clean your Window AC is?

The best way to keep your AC in good condition is to keep cleaning the unit periodically. So you can keep an eye on the condenser and make sure there is no mold growing in the unit, or no dust is seen on its fins, filter, and the interior tray is wiped and well cleaned.

So you have to divide your cleaning sessions in different ways. Here are a few steps you can take to keep the unit clean inside and outside.

Daily Cleaning

As we said, keeping an eye on your unit is important, so no dust gathers over the system and no mildew grew inside. Here is how you can clean the unit daily.

Buy a bottle of hydrogen Peroxide. You can choose the 3% solution from a drugstore. Fill the liquid in a spray bottle and use this mixture for cleaning the Window AC daily.

Turn off the unit. Make sure the Air conditioner is plugged off as if you spray the liquid on its fan it will blow off the fumes back to you. These fumes are not safe to be inhaled at all.

So make sure the system is turned off. Spray the peroxide mixture on the unit. The best time to clean is at night, so you can leave the unit as it is for settling the fumes. You can wipe the dust and any other particles from its outer Window to keep it in good shape. The daily routine will restrict the growth of mildew or mold in or outside the window AC.

Make sure the dripping water is cleaned and dried daily to prevent the growth of any microbes in the wet area.

So the daily routine is part of maintaining the window AC.

Monthly Cleaning The Window AC

Even when you are wiping the exterior of AC daily and spraying the Peroxide unit, you need to go a bit deeper with the cleaning once a month.

At least once in a month take out the filter and thoroughly clean it, so the window AC remains in good working condition.

So for cleaning the filter, you have to open the outer case of Window AC. Make sure the unit is closed before you clean open the front panel.

For removing the outer panel, you may need to use screwdrivers and other tools as this panel is secured with screws.

Once you open the unit, you will see a filter for trapping dust and other pollutants.

Pull out the filter carefully, and now you can clean the filter properly. You can run tap water on the filter for removing all the dust and dirt particles from its surface. You may spray the water with some pressure to get rid of the dust trapped in the tiny holes.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner’s hose to clean the dirt and dust particles from the filter’s surface properly.

Use a very soft brush while rinsing off the dust to clean the filter completely. Once it is clean, and you don’t see any dust particles just place the filter in a vertical position to dry it properly. You can use an air dryer to dry the unit as well if you are in a hurry to put it back in the unit. Once the filter is clean and dry, put it back in its slot.

Cleaning the filter once a month will also help you to keep an eye on the filter. You can replace it timely if it is worn out.

Seasonal Cleaning

Besides this regular cleaning routine, you need to clean the unit properly at least once in a season to maintain it properly.

For seasonal cleaning, you need to be more thorough. It’s like servicing your AC completely from inside to outside.

The best time to do the seasonal cleaning of your AC unit is when the autumn comes. You no longer need AC so clean it properly from inside, wrap it properly in a plastic cover and keep it in-store only to be opened when you need the AC again before summer.

For seasonal cleaning the windows AC you need few tools. Make sure you have everything before starting the cleaning process.

Here are a few things that you need for servicing the window AC.

  • Screw Drivers
  • Fin Comb
  • Rags
  • AC Cleaner or mild detergent

Here is a step by step process of cleaning the AC unit

Remove the front panel

You need to open the screws for removing the front panel.

Remove the Filter

Again, like the monthly cleaning of filters. Remove the filter and rinse it under running water or with a vacuum hose remove all the dirt, dust, or pollens gathered in the filter.

Comb the Aluminum Fins

Aluminum fins trap the dust and debris that affect the performance of your AC.  For cleaning the aluminum fins and removing all the trapped debris, you can use the special fin cleaners. These fin cleaners come in different shapes make sure you use one that matches the fin spacing on your coils.

Once you combed out all the debris trapped in the fins, you need to straighten the fin coils. Wear some protective leather gloves before working as you may cut your hand

Use the AC unit coil cleaner for removing the curd above both types of coils. Commercial AC cleaners are best for removing the trapped dust or other dirt particles trapped in the coils.

Wipe down the Tray

You can clean the tray by wiping it down properly. You can use a shop vacuum or a hose of vacuum cleaner for cleaning all the debris from the tray properly.  You can spray the commercial cleaner or any mild detergent at home to soften the dust and dirt. Leave the spray on the coils to loosen up the buildup of dust.

If the buildup is heavy, you can make use of a mild brush for cleaning the dust. Make sure you move the brush in the direction of fins. Once you have successfully removed all the dust and dirt buildup, leave the tray to dry in air. You can use an air dryer for this purpose as well.

Cleaning The Motor

Once you are done with the tray, clean the blade of fans as well.

You can use rugs to clean the fins properly. Rub the blades from all sides properly. If the motor inside rubber capped oiling ports squeeze few drops of motor engine oil on them as well.

Once you are done with all parts, and they are all dry its time to reassemble it. Place the filter, aluminum fin tray, and outer panel at its place. Make sure to tighten the screws.

Now that your Window AC is clean from inside, you can store it in your basement, or storehouse before the season starts. Re-installing the unit back on the wall is not a good idea. As it will stay out in snow, rain, and wind which may cause it to trap the debris and dust inside its unit again. So you can fix the unit again before the summer arrives and enjoy its great cooling capacity.

Final Words

Cleaning Windows AC is not difficult. It needs little tools and some cleaning agent. The task may seem time-consuming, but it goes a long way in enhancing the life of your unit and its great performance. It will save you from spending money on seeking professional help. You can easily maintain the windows AC and keep enjoying its functional capacity.


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