How to Install a Pellet Stove – Step by Step Guideline

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How to Install a Pellet Stove

Winters are a lot more comfortable with a pellet stove. It’s a very efficient system of heating that is very cost-effective and energy-saving as well.

New models of pellet stoves are coming with a lot more refined methods of both smoke extraction, fire ignition, and overall performance. You would get a 15kg bag of pellets at a very reasonable price.

So in this article, we will discuss how to install a pellet stove. Pellet stove needs to be properly installed before you can benefit its heating system or other advantages. Let’s see how to install a pellet stove.

How does a Pellet Stove Works?

A pellet stove works by burning small pellets, or you may call it saw-dust that is the sawmill waste product. These are easy to burn and very inexpensive as well. If you are comparing them to electricity or gas heaters the operating cost is very less and its environmental-friendly as well.

It’s the by-product, so you are not cutting any trees at all but only using what is a waste for producing energy that is low cost. So it’s like relying on other sources of energy than gas and oil which can be environmental-friendly as well.

A pellet stove works with these parts

A pellet stove has a basic mechanism that is simple. Here are its different parts.

Igniter: Unlike the traditional system of pellet stoves where you have to start the fire manually, these latest pellet stoves have fire igniter for starting the fire. Starting a fire in these latest models is hassle-free. An electric igniter starts the fire within seconds. Therefore, it’s pretty easier as compared to starting the fire on your own.

Firepot: Firepot is the part where you have the fire. It has a sturdy built that holds fire. It has a secure cast iron floor, and that is where the fire will be burning.

Pellets: Pellets are the main fuel you would use for heating. The saw-dust is gathered from factories or furniture industry. It’s easy to burn, cost-effective as well as very easy to store. You can buy the pellets in bulk and keep them stored in a dry place.

Fuel Chute: Fuel chute is the place for putting the pellets in the stove. It’s where you will be pushing in the pellets. Thus it guides the pellets into the firepot.

Auger: This part is used for pushing the pellets safely so that they can burn evenly and produce some heat. As you fill in the fuel chute with pellets, you can push it further with the help of auger.

Warm air boiler: It’s like a fan that blows warm air. It circulates the air from the room through the heat exchanger and throws it as a warm air

Before we go on to discuss how to install a pellet stove lets first see where to install a pellet stove.

Deciding where to install the Pellet Stove

Before you start to install the pellet stove, first choose the right place for installing the pellet stove.

You have to decide where to install the pellet stove carefully. You want the heat to be as close to your rooms as you can get, but it’s not a great idea to install the stove in bedrooms. You need a central place that is safe for the pellet stove but from where heat reaches the other parts of the home.

Pellet Stove in Basement

Installing the pellet stove in the basement is a good idea if you are sure the heated air will circulate the entire house.

Pellet Stove Chimney Installation

If you already have an existing chimney in your house, you can use it for installing the pellet stove as well. Wherever you choose to install the pellet stove, make sure it has an exterior wall from where you can vent the pellet stove directly out.

You need to consider all safety factors before you choose a place for the pellet stove. It should be an inch away from the wall. There should be an inch from the back of the stove to any combustible material. It also needs ten inches of clearance from both sides.

Also, there should be 15 inches clearance from the stovetop to any combustible material. There should be no combustibles like material that may catch fire like drapes or other cloth material nearby.

Pellet Stove Venting Instructions

For smoke vent, either you may use a pipe that vents directly outside the room, or you can attach it to your existing chimney with an adaptor. The chimney should be approved as well.

Also, make sure the vent is not in a covered walkway or balcony. Another thing to keep in mind is that make sure the vent won’t be clogged with leaves or other material.

How to Install the Pellet Stove

Once you have determined the place of installation and where you want to vent to be, it’s time to decide whether you need professional help or want to install the pellet stove yourself.
There are two types of pellet stoves in the market.

1.   Freestanding Pellet Stoves

2.   Pellet stove that fits into a fireplace

For the pellet stove that fits in the fireplace, you need professional help. You need to clean the chimney, run the vent through the chimney, and provide a waterproof storm cap to the chimney to save your pellet stove from downpours.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to install a freestanding pellet stove.

Read the manual that comes with the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the installation. Choose the place of installation as per their recommendations and also according to your local code requirements.

Plan the vent path

Running the vent is the most difficult part of the installation. You need to run it out in open where it does not go to any pathway or sidewalks as well.

The best choice is to turn it upward through the roof where it does not come into anyone’s way. You need to install a roof jack for installing the vent through it. The roof jack should also be approved and make sure it does not has any cracks from where the smoke can leak.

Install the hearth pad

After you have installed the roof jack for the vent pipe, it’s time to install the hearth pad for the stove. Hearth pad is used for placing the stove safely on the floor. It will protect the flooring beneath the stove.

Hearth pad can be used with concrete and tiles easily. Ready to use hearth pads are also available in the market that you can buy. If you are making the hearth pad yourself, it should extend 6-inches from the front and several inches from the back of the stove. You can set a large stone stab for this purpose as well.

To save the efforts, you can buy a ready to use hearth pad for your stove as well from an online store. Set the pad on your flooring.

Make a hole for the vent

For sending the smoke out of the house, you need a hole in the wall for the vent pipe. Use of the stud finder to make sure the hole is inside the stud. You can cut a 10-inches hole for the vent pipe.

Cut the Drywall

Cut the drywall thorough a jab saw, or you can cut through the siding as well. Make sure you know how to use the Jab saw before you start cutting the hole.

Install the vent Thimble

In the hole, you cut through to install the vent thimble. It will direct the smoke into the vent pipe.

Connect the vent pipe to the thimble and run it outside or where you have planned the vent to go.

Before you direct the vent pipe upward through an elbow, make sure you install a vent pipe cleanout for the removal of ashes.

Run the vent pipe up and install a rain cap to prevent it from all types of weather conditions.

Once you are done with a vent pipe, install the unit and connect it with an electric outlet for ignition and fan power.

The pellet stove is ready to use.

Final Words

Pellet stoves are efficient devices that save energy, keep your electricity and gas consumption under control, and provide a good heating system as well. Make sure you have a good stock of pellets ready in store to be used in the pellet stove.

A pellet stove seems a bit difficult to install at first, but once its all set there is not much you need to do. Just fill in enough supply of pellets daily and keep vacuuming the ashes once a week or after a few days.

So go ahead installing the pellet stove only if you are aware of how to cut through drywall with a saw or how to install the vent pipes properly.

If the installation procedure seems too much, you can always hire professional help as well. The pellet stove installers will take care of the basic safety measures.


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